“I have known John, president of J2H Designs for more than a decade. He has worked on multiple professional buildings of mine and my own personal residence. In every instance John has always been very professional, shown great knowledge of the facts and codes and has always met my grueling deadlines.

I would recommend John and his staff and do intend to use them again.”


– Frank Gussoni,

Pres. Ashley Advertising

“Dear John,

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your design of my new vacation house in the mountains. The whole town of Choconut, PA and I are loving it!! Also, the garage you designed at home is one of  the most wonderful things I have ever seen. Again, another one of your creations. I love it and my cars and motor home love it too. Last but not least, my house in Glen Mills is your best design of all!!!

I’m so glad that you have done something so unique for me on all my properties. I’m glad to be a three-time customer of J2H Designs. I’m sure as time goes on I’ll be using your service’s again…

Thank you again for all your design work.”


– Joseph S. Horne